If I Could Get Anywhere…

ice-cave-tunnel-tour-from-langjokull-glacier-0in which would we get?

The answer for me is a simple one.

The birthplace of the best explorer with who I share exactly the same title.

The most historically enigmatic and geologically epic islands on earth.

A nation that I’ve flown over more times than I am able to count though haven’t blown open the plane doors and parachuted right down to it is shores to explore.

I might go right to the icy land of Iceland.

I’ve been fascinated about it destination also it’s Viking origins from the time We learned that Ingólfr Arnarson, initial Norwegian settler, known as it “Ice” land to dissuade other people from coming.

But you can’t dissuade me personally Viking Ingólfr. Ice or no ice, I’m likely to come.

Here’s Why:

Icelandic Community

I want to witness what sort of nation of simply 300,000 individuals gets on with one another. I’m fascinated with the fact that you nevertheless speak Old Norse, the language of this vikings. I love that you’re required to learn Viking sagas in school. And I can’t get over the fact one of your most famous museums is your penis Museum:  a bizarre collection of animal penis’s that merely a Scandinavian country could conceive. Option to remain weird Iceland.a-history-of-reykjavik-4

The Capitol Reykjavik

I’ve heard a lot of cool reasons for having Reykjavik, as a result’s quaint pubs and small city vibes to it’s charming structures. I’m specially excited to check out The Settlement Exhibition, a museum dedicated to the 2001 archeological excavation that uncovered proof of Iceland’s earliest Viking settlers. I’m also looking forward to simply hanging at a Reykavik Hostel/Pub, cause there’s no better method to get acquainted with that locals and their history, specially previous viking locals, than by sharing a handle of honey mead.


Geothermal Hot springs

Iceland hosts a huge selection of hot springs, but there’s one that appears to be noticeable. It’s the one that i see in my fellow travel blogger’s Instagram photos. And the one which we can’t wait to immerse set for myself one day, the Blue Lagoon.  Though it appears expensive, i then found out so it’s  just 35 Euro’s to have in and simply a 1 hours bus ride from the capitol Reykjavik.


Icelandic Horses!

In all honesty, I’ve never been a big fan of horses. They’re minds, eyes and farts are just too big for comfort for me personally. Which until we saw several images of those little Icelandic ponies. They appear like they just wandered from the group of Lord Of The Rings. Now all i wish to do is ride away over a lava industry and move on to understand one.


Caves, Glaciers & Geysers

I do want to experience the geological magnificence of an island that sits between two tectonic dishes in the center of the Atlantic Ocean just south for the Arctic Circle. I’m either planning to rent a car or join a group to experience Iceland’s notorious Golden Circle trip. If Iceland’s tourism board ever would like to sponsor me personally, I definitely won’t state no 😉


I Dig Your Official Tourism Movie

The whole video clip is really a bit corny and quirky in a unique Scandinavian means however it absolutely works. I Wish To dancing on the list of Fjords!


I don’t understand why this has taken me way too long to consult with this remarkable looking country, a country that i’ve constantly desired to go to. Easily have the money, I’m bound to go next summer time round the solstice.

Anyone want to show up? Let me know within the comments below!