The Very Best Regions For Budget Travel

There’s countless debate over which region is the greatest.

But you can find just 3 primary contenders;

They are:

Southeast Asia | Eastern Europe | Central America

Screen Shot 2015-07-04 at 21.08.23

Just what exactly sets these regions apart from other popular destinations?

1) They’re all consists of unique nations positioned in close proximity to at least one another.
2) They’re reasonably safe and simple for around.
3) & Most significantly, they’re all budget friendly.

So which among these areas is the greatest?

Into the guide below we’ll take a look at the most important budget travel indexes. These generally include Safety, Friendliness, Deliciousness and Regular Budget.

Then we’ll put these areas head to head, and let you determine which area is better for you personally along with your next adventure.

(Certain generalizations have now been crafted from requisite. These generalizations aspire to mirror the dominant themes for the region. They do not attempt to characterize the countless smaller unique peoples and countries that compose them.)

Southeast Asia

(Exc. Indian Subcontinent)


I really like Southeast Asia. We fell so in love with it the first time We visited in 2006 and I fall in love with it every time We return.

It’s got beaches and bungalows, and temples and big Buddha’s. it is got all world’s religions and all those crazy wonderful individuals who come with them. It’s a location where you are able to both surround yourself with other backpackers on area paradises or immerse yourself in old-fashioned methods of life. It’s also budget backpacker inexpensive.

Security: 4.4 away from 5

Southeast Asia is among the safest areas worldwide for travelers.

Even though there does occur violent groups within the Philippines as well as on the border between Thailand and Malaysia to mention some, most the location is very safe. Governments are relatively stable and the rule of law is strong.

In tourist hotspots, often there is the possibility of pickpockets and bungalow break-ins, but harsh punishments and also the law of karma makes petty crime fairly uncommon.

Perhaps the biggest danger to one’s security is disease. Although tropical conditions particularly Dengue temperature, and Malaria exists, you’re more like to get travelers diarrhoea. Fortunately, most pharmacies will recommend you an Antibiotic course without any hassle, as well as for around just 15$.

Friendliness: 3.9 away from 5

It’s quite difficult to generalize, but from Singapore to Thailand and Myanmar to Laos, there’s a fantastic level of increased exposure of being polite, staying calm, smiling before interactions, and maintaining harmony. Many people smile at and will help foreign tourists in need of assistance. Even when it’s a fake look away from politeness, it nevertheless feels inviting.

However, you can find always places, particularly in Thailand, where locals have now been dealing with backpackers for countless years that they’re positively fed up with united states.

Deliciousness: 4.8 out of 5

Don’t also get me started on the meals. Mango with gluey rice, Won Ton Soup, Pork Sandwiches, all sorts of BBQ’d things on sticks and coconuts in countless incarnations.

If you’re a spicy meals addict, search no further than Thailand. If you’re seeking to decide to try authentic Indian, Malay, Chinese or even a fusion of most of these, SE Asia is your region.

Frequent Budget: 23/Day

Aside from Singapore & Malaysia, prices vary between 30%-50% not as much as Western European countries therefore the United States (and even more if you log off the full moon circuit).

Cheapest nations in SE Asia: Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia
Most costly nations in SE Asia: Malaysia, Singapore

Price Index
Beach Bungalow: 10 $
Pork for a Stick: 1 $
Wonton Soup: 1.50 $
Sugar Cane Juice: 0.50 $
640ml alcohol At 7/11: 1.50$

An appropriate daily cover travel in tourist areas: 25$/day
A comfortable daily budget for travel inside countryside: 18$/day

Recommended Minimal Budget: 23$/day

*budget can be an average centered on 3 meals & cheap accommodation across region


SE Asia is safe, undoubtedly the absolute most delicious, friendly enough, and also as inexpensive because they come. In Thailand you’ll jump skip from one area haven to another location having coconut curry at hand. In Cambodia you’ll explore Angkor Wat like Indiana Jones. In Indonesia additionally the Phillippines you are able to surf some sizable and constant breaks. And in Vietnam, it is possible to overdose on Buddhist temples if you want.

Possibly it’s because my Japanese Grandmother, Haruko, imparted upon me some Asian preferences buds. Or possibly it is because the social mélange of Malaysia and far of this region reminds me of my hometown of the latest York. Whatever the case, Southeast Asia constantly feels like another home therefore’s among my personal favorite areas to travel through.

Eastern European Countries


Initially we traveled to Eastern European countries, we thought a very important factor; this area is ghetto and I also like it. City blocks had been in disrepair, structures were bombed out, and Soviet era trams went the roads.

Everybody else was rougher around the edges, yet somehow nicer at precisely the same time. Although I didn’t have any cash, the train admission checkers would I want to remain on the train. Easily asked politely, restaurant owners even would ask me for eating. Everyone was poorer compared to Western European countries but individuals aided me personally way more.

This hospitality inspired 3 more adventures that took me through virtually every nation in the region. During this time, I furthered my understanding of a diverse mix of individuals and cultures spread across a much more diverse and breathtaking landscape.

Eastern Europe is a great deal cheaper than, in the same way obviously stunning as, and arguably as safe as Western Europe for travelers. Even though area is type of ghetto, it’s ghetto within the best type of method, rendering it one of the better areas for spending plan travel.

Protection: 3.9 from 5

Although Eastern Europe includes a bad reputation for being dodgier than it’s Western counterparts, it is really much less dangerous while you might think. I happened to be never once robbed, picked in, or felt threatened throughout two months of hitchhiking.

Various and a bit ghetto yes, more Roma people yes, increased traffic legislation breaking yes, more road side prostitutes yes…more dangerous? not so much if you simply take good sense precautions. Nevertheless it is not a bad concept buying some travel insurance before going.

Friendliness: 4.0 away from 5

From Poland to Bulgaria I noticed an identical theme. Although initially individuals had tough shells, after a few minutes or beers, they quickly dissolved into welcoming smiles.

People either ignored me personally away appropriate or, and most often, tried their utmost to greatly help. Once they discovered I became US, they mightn’t hesitate to split down an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie line.

Deliciousness: 3.4 out of 5

In addition to Greece, Eastern Europe is not really understood for it’s meals, which is a pity because they actually do excellent meat, cheese, and stews.

For instance, no-one can do Goulash much better than the Hungarians. And couple of nations can match Croatia’s wine and seafood.

More, if you’re on a budget, it is exactly about the baked products, most notably the Burek. In almost every country in Eastern Europe you’ll find some form of Burek. It’s basically a cream and feta cheese filled pastry with yogurt drizzled on top. it is easy but delicious, and best of all of the, incredibly low priced.

Frequent Budget: 26$/day

In addition to most capitol urban centers, prices are around 15%-25per cent lower than Western European countries.

The Cheapest Countries: Moldova, Albania, Poland
The Most Expensive Countries: Croatia, Hungary, Greece

Price Index
Hostel Dorm: 10-15 $
Budget Hotel Room: 15-20 $
Burek Pastry: 0.50 $
0.5 L Beer: 1$
Mid-range Restaurant dish: 4-7$

Comfortable daily plan for travel in urban centers: 33$/day.
Comfortable day-to-day budget for travel within the countryside: 24$/day.

Recommended minimal Budget: 26$/day

*budget is an average centered on 3 meals & low priced accommodation across region


Prices from Poland to Albania tend to be significantly cheaper than Western European countries. Individuals are poorer an average of but usually significantly friendlier and inviting. All things are generally type of ghetto, but ghetto in a truly good, let’s break the speed limit and paint graffiti, type of method.

If you’re interested in backpacking European countries but searching for a cheaper experience off the beaten path, Eastern Europe is where it is at.

Central America


Even while we hitchhiked through Sudan, the thought of traveling through Central America still made me stressed. I always envisioned the entire area being awash with gangsters and wannabe gangsters. I defer visiting for ages.

It had beenn’t until Oct 2013, after getting a 79$ journey from NYC to San Salvador, that At long last chose to leap. Not just did a web look but the web had been only a dollar and there isn’t a gangster around the corner.

Central America is perhaps the cheapest and perchance the very best region on the planet for spending plan travel. If you like tacos, you won’t find them more delicious than right here. If you got ants within pants, there’s always a bar where you can dancing. If you’d like to immerse your self into indigenous tradition there’s no much better than the Mayan. For many of the and more, Central America is amongst the world’s most useful budget travel regions.

Safety: 3.4 away from 5

Chances are you won’t encounter any gangsters until you venture into ghettos and go searching for them.

In fact, the biggest risk towards safety are thieves that victimize gringos. We myself have actually even dropped target in their mind. The very last time I happened to be in Antigua, Guatemala, I became beat up and had my digital camera taken from around my throat. Just glad I’d travel insurance.

But circumstances like they’re easily prevented invest the precautions. Including, don’t get too drunk and wander around dark backstreets in the middle of the night. Undoubtedly discovered my course the difficult way.

Generally, you can expect to feel fairly safe as being a tourist in Central America.

Friendliness: 4.6 from 5

I came across individuals, particularly the native folks of the Guatemalan highlands and Nicaraguan jungles, become the kindest, warmest, and most welcoming people I’ve ever discovered anywhere.

However some folks are opportunistic and seeking to benefit from friendships, many people generally want to assist you and spend time.

Deliciousness: 3.8 from 5

If Central America had been a solitary country the national meal is rice, beans, and chicken. Aside from this, the most frequent spending plan meals are tacos, corn tortillas, funky sandwiches filled with excessively ketchup, Papusas, burritos, and plantains (fried bananas).

Although Central America has inexpensive and delicious meals, unless you’re in Mexico, it’s strike or miss from little town to big city.

Constant Budget: 20$/day 

Costs across Central America are usually 40%-50per cent significantly less than the usa.

The Cheapest Countries: Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua
The Most High-priced Nations: Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico

Price Index
Hostel Dorm: 6-12 $
Budget Hotel Room: 14-24 $
3 Tacos: 2.25 $
0.5 L Beer: 0.65$
Mid-range Restaurant dish: 3-5$

Comfortable day-to-day cover travel in towns: 22$/day.
Comfortable daily plan for travel in countryside: 16$/day.

Suggested minimal Budget: 20$/day

*budget can be an typical considering 3 simple meals & cheap accommodation across region


Central America is full of quaint colonial towns, sky scraping volcanoes, enticing surf, delicious tacos, diverse cultures, and a wonderful melange of Latin rhythm and neighborhood hospitality.

If it is you are first-time traveling, it is possible to socialize and obtain a flavor associated with the region along the Gringo Trail. If you’re wanting to get off the beaten path, you’ll venture to the Guatemalan highlands for a true Maya experience.

Central America is a great region for very first time spending plan travelers, and it’s additionally my personal favorite region worldwide.

The Most Readily Useful Region For Budget Travel


#1 SE Asia 4.4
#2 EE 3.9
#3 CA 3.4


# 1 CA 4.6
#2 SE Asia 3.9
#3 EE 3.4


number 1 SE Asia 4.8
#2 CA 3.8
#3 EE 3.4


#1 CA 20$ (+5)
#2 SEA 23$ (+2.5)
#3 EE 26$ (+0)

So Which Region Wins?

#1 Central America Complete Get: 17
#2 Southeast Asia Total Score: 15.6
#3 Eastern European Countries Complete Get: 11.3

Runaway Review: July 2015

DSC01688Pleased August From Sweden!

Today may be the very first day’s upper 70’s F / 23-25C conditions. The initial time I can actually stay outside with no shirt. Summer has finally found its way to Sweden therefore seems good!

As planned, almost all of July took place in my girlfriends quaint apartment within the tiny student town of Linkoping in central Sweden.

The Very Best Of July

1) I started drinking coffee and enhancing my Thai.

2) we really took advantageous asset of the 18 hours of daylight and composed a many chapters.

3) we jogged around 2 kilometers inside woodland each and every day and felt a substantial enhance in memory and general brain power.

4) we BBQ’d deer steak and acquired a taste for this, especially the bone marrow.

5) we visited Stockholm the weekend and saw a 98% authentic Swedish warship from early seventeenth century.

the vasa ship in stockholm sweden

The Worst Of July

1) I gained around 20 pounds!

2) we broke the lid of the bathroom chair at a friend’s apartment we had been borrowing and frantically ran through streets of Stockholm looking for the broken part.


What July Taught Me About Life

Often it is cheaper and better to simply buy a completely new lavatory chair than desperately look for an obscure part on a Sunday early morning in central Stockholm.

Just What The Long Run Holds?

I can’t think it, however the summer time’s nearly over! In only a week I’ll be for a journey to Bangkok for the epic runaway adventure.

Email me personally ASAP if you would like include us! TheRunawayGuide (at)

Other Information

If you’re enthusiastic about moving to or visiting what’s perhaps the most amazing place on planet, take a look at my new location web log, (nevertheless a work with progress but coming along)

Screen Shot 2015-08-09 at 11.41.22

Final Remarks

I’ve been publishing more on Instagram & Snapchat today. You can find me personally at:
Instagram: TheRunawayGuide
Snapchat: TheRunawayGuide

As always, pleased travels,



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No spam, just better travel.

How I Overcame Addiction

kid smoking a smokeBlack boogers. Cat’s butt breath. Phlegm filled coughs. General brain deadness.

Yet every morning i might spark up a lip burning debate with my buddy the cancer stick.

I might smoke two to boost my coffee buzz, several to loosen the bowels, plus dozen to compose a post.

Every day for over decade I got closer and closer to becoming an 85 year old sea captain.

That’s until one fateful day inside spring of 2015.

From the it enjoy it was yesterday. I had been at a little pub by the name of Gringos Locos within my port of contact Panajachel, Guatemala. That night I induced sufficient alcohol and cigarettes to destroy a sea lion. Not merely one of these baby people, but among those big blubbery great white shark meal people.

Whenever morning arrived, i discovered burns off on me personally feet, bruises on me personally ribs, and for a good five full minutes hadn’t the foggiest where I was. With each wheeze my lung area cried away and my liver cringed. I’d never ever thought sicker. I had additionally never felt more happy to be alive. It reminded me of the time we had been caught in a typhoon…an old norwegian ocean captain consuming a alcohol for a beach

1) We Chose To Choose Life

I couldn’t be a veteran sea captain walking on his final pegged feet any longer. At long last understood when I became planning to lay strong fundamentals for successful life, I had a need to revive medical and brain power of my 20 year old self. 

I knew I’d to give up smoking and embrace life once more. 

marlboro label warning

2) I Became Afraid

However, the first few days had been brutal. The smoking monster that now inhabited some spot in-between my lung area and stomach required meals I really fed it. I tossed dorritos, gummies, and popcorn at it. I slept so long as could hoping to ignore it. At one point I also contemplated simply switching to a vaporizer. Used to do everything i really could to dissipate the monster but nothing did actually work.

So I punched the atmosphere, we punched the bottom and I also even punched myself. Sooner or later we uncovered the foundation of my anger.

Without tobacco’s artificial highs and prolonged lows, I had forgotten who i must say i was and I ended up being afraid to find out.


3) I Quit Everything

I became so afraid that We quickly wound up substituting cigarettes with beers. I drank alcohol every day, attempting to recreate the emotional haze that tobacco had provided for many years. But after a couple of weeks plus an aching liver, we knew that alcohol would not be a sustainable substitute.

Easily was seriously interested in quitting smoking, then there was no option but to eradicate tobacco, liquor and each bad addiction like it.


4) I Came Across Myself Once More

So we quit everything we knew fed my depression and emotional fog, and recalled all those items that would surely make me delighted. I began running along mountain ridges, swimming in Lake Atitlan and exploring Maya villages. We started eating lots of papayas, chia seeds and healthy foods. I obtained addicted to everything that made me high when I was a youngster. Natural highs.

After 3 days, we remembered who I really ended up being once more. I becamen’t a depressed old man whose only joy lie at the end of a container or at the end of a smoke.

I happened to be within my 20’s, desperate to satiate my fascination of the world, to meet brand new people, to push my own body up volcanoes, to call home life and start to become happy.hanging out of a train in budapest

a few months Later On

I’ll admit that I’ve dropped from the top of the mast many times now. But when i actually do, I hoist myself backup. And each time i actually do, i will see land better and much more brightly than before.

Because fundamentally I’ve comprised my brain.

I’ve opted for now over later on and life over death.

Like Lao Tzu the founder of Taoism so sensibly proclaimed, “Only the trick succumbs to addiction”…And I ain’t no trick you can forget Mr. Tzu!

Is Auschwitz Worth Visiting?

ww2 indication at auschwitzTo be honest, i did son’t genuinely wish to check out. I had gone to the Holocaust museum in nyc often growing up. I didn’t desire to pay 20$ for what I knew would be a depressing 5 hour trip. But my friends wished to go therefore I made a decision to follow them.

First things first we’d to decide whether we had been going to have a shuttle/tour or get there on our own and circumambulate

Although Auschwitz ended up being very sad, sometimes considerations are. The whole experience had been a whole lot more illuminating and intense than we expected. It had been more than simply another documentary or a museum. It was a concrete testament toward horrors of Nazi regime, the perils of scapegoating minorities, together with evil which can be justified when people are dehumanized. It had been certainly worth visiting, and I also feel grateful to possess witnessed this extremely important destination.

Try To Escape To Guatemala

hanging from the truck in guatemalaOverview Preparation Budget Travel Guatemala Hideouts


Name: Republic Of Guatemala
Nick-Name: Guate (Guatay)
Population: 16,000,000
Capitol City: Guatemala City
Main Language: Spanish
English Speakers: Low
Main Religion: Christianity
Slogan: Land Of Eternal Spring

Runaway Review

Our Slogan: Land Of Volcanoes
Favorite Destination: Lake Atitlan
Top Experience: Meet The Maya
Safety: 3.7 from 5.0
Friendliness: 4.1 out of 5.0
Deliciousness: 4.0 out of 5.0
Cheapness: 4.8 away from 5.0
Recommended Budget: 18$/Day

Guatemala may be the largest nation in Central America. It’s territory extends from the pacific, through highlands home towards the contemporary Maya, across thick jungles filled with ancient ruins, and to the Rasta rhythms associated with the Caribbean coastline. You will find many individuals, countries and epic landscapes that there’s something for every single traveler. Not only that, but Guatemala is among the cheapest countries in Central America and the world.

World Travel Expert Rank:  4.8 from 5.0


Guatemala is not as dangerous while you might think. Neither is El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, or Panama for that matter. Yes gang relevant violence does exist. Tourist are robbed, rooms are broken into, and violent crime occurs. But Guatemala, like USA or any country, is not dangerous everywhere on a regular basis. In fact, many towns and cities, apart from Guatemala City, have a heavy police presence and therefore are in fact pretty safe. You truly have to go looking for risk it if you’d like to experience it.

So long as you simply take necessary precautions like venturing out during the night with teams, and staying out of bad areas, chances are you’ll never have an issue. However, travel insurance is recommended.


Guatemala is excessively diverse both ethnically and culturally. Within the highlands you’ll encounter the Maya. Along the Caribbean coast you’ll get the Garifuna. In large metropolitan areas you’ll meet people of direct Spanish descent. And every-where else, you’ll find a gorgeous fusion for the three. Despite this cultural melange, or due to it, people welcome gringos as well as other international travelers.

The Maya, similar to the Japanese, tend to smile politely but tend to be weary of having too close to foreigners. The Garifuna, descendants of Brazillian/African slaves, want to share their culture and shore with travelers. Plus the top class Spaniards are so amazed you arrived that they’ll fold over backwards showing you a good time.


Guatemala, like a lot of Central America, is no cooking hotspot. Chicken with rice, beans and corn tortillas is considered the most common meal. In terms of street food, it is exactly about the fried chicken and tacos. It’s advantageous to just what its, but after a month you’ll wish you had more variety in your diet.

Probably the most delicious element of Guatemala is it’s fruit and vegetables. Although you can purchase almost any form of produce, the avocado, papaya and mango really stands out. Remember to purchase the fresh fruit entire instead of pre-cut (dirty water accustomed clean fruit knifes = days of diarrhoea).


Guatemala, along side El Salvador and Nicaragua, is amongst the cheapest countries in Central America. Costs from meals to accommodation can generally be located for 50-60per cent lower than in america or Europe. Even in tourist hotspots, like the ancient Guatemalan capitol of Antigua, you can still find a budget college accommodation with breakfast included for approximately 10$/night.

Top 10 Things You Can Do & See

6) Hang From The Truck
7) Get Garifuna In Livingston
8) Climb Volcan Pacaya
9) Drink Significantly More Coffee
10) Study On The Maya

Why Guatemala?

Guatemala is very cheap, it is much safer than you believe, therefore the locals, through the Garifuna in north to your Maya of this highlands, make you feel simply comfortable. Therefore and much more, Guatemala received a rating of 4.8 away from 5 from over 25 globe travel specialists.

Guatemala is my favorite nation in the world to take a short holiday, a long backpacking adventure or residing longterm.

1: Get Ready