Runaway Tours Guatemala: A Deeper Look

dsc00866-2We started Runaway Tours in Jan 2015. Since then I’ve hightail it with over 50 people through 3 of my favorite nations, Thailand, Japan, and Guatemala.

In Thailand we discovered a unique blend of Buddhism, learned just how to drive scooters, and of course 6$/hour massages.

In Japan we gained understanding of the Japanese philosophy of life. We discovered to call home just, considerately plus in the current, and ate lots great food in the process.

In Guatemala, we found the Maya, their sacred Lake Atitlan, and their ancient traditions. We met a unique band of expatriates that has carved down fruitful, frequently eccentric, but constantly symbiotic lives on the list of stunning indigenous Maya. So we witnessed what is arguably the most amazing sunset on earth.

On October 25th, 2016 Runaway Tours: Guatemala is occurring once more. Although this could be the 5th tour in Guatemala, it nevertheless continues to be the best Runaway Tour.

Here’s Why!

Lake Atitlan

Lake Atitlan is a 5 celebrity feast for all the sensory faculties. Turquoise waters and mammoth volcanoes overwhelm the eyes. A melange of tropical flowers and coniferous pines arouse the nose. The spring climate invigorates the body. Getting up toward cheerful laughter associated with Maya individuals tickles the ears. And hot tortillas with your 2$ break fast tipico delights the tongue plus the budget.

Some individuals declare that the actual magnificence for the pond resides in those ideas that may never be seen; the deep waters, the vast magma chamber below and powerful geomagnetic industries. It’s due to these known and as yet not known phenomena that lots of think the lake to be a source of a sacred energy, the kind of which can cause vivid dreams, changed idea patterns, and an attraction on lake it self. Which is excatly why Runaway Tours Guatemala features the lake and it’s diverse towns as it’s primary location.


The view from Santa Cruz


The sunset from Panajachel



But before heading to the lake, we begin our journey in Antigua. With over 30 ruins dating back to toward sixteenth century, this ancient capital for the Spanish “” new world “” is similar to the Rome of Central America. it is got history, nightlife, the finest Guatemalan dishes, and it’s surrounded by volcanos, one of which erupts each and every morning around 9am. It’s an ideal introduction to Central America at large and of course, Guatemala.


Cerro De Los Angeles Cruz


10$ Drug rugs through the neighborhood market


Hanging in front of the church regarding the Merced


Checking out the Convent Of This Capuchinas


Wicked Nice Accommodations

Runaway Tours is all about value, and no spot is this more real than through the unique accommodations I’ve secured in Guatemala. From gorgeous colonial domiciles and cliff part bungalows with uninhibited views, up to a hotel that really sits in lake it self, everyone enjoys a level of privacy and luxury that many tours don’t provide.


The Volcano Lodge in Jabalito


The Hideout in Panajachel


The Mirador on Hideout


The Activities

Most of the adventures I’ve prepared up for this tour are activities that I’ve developed myself throughout 4 years of backpacking in Guatemala. From motorcycling towards the key hot spring to descending to the lake by vehicle, you’re gonna find out Guatemala like few others have.

Personal Boat Tour/Dance Party in Panajachel


The 8m high cliff jump in San Marcos


The hike toward top of Volcan San Pedro


The Kayak Pub Crawl in San Pedro Los Angeles Laguna


The Maya

Within each of Lake Atitlan’s unique towns live a individuals whose languages and traditions have actually survived millennia. Although Catholicism, the Spanish language and other Spanish influences is evident throughout the highlands, numerous Maya still maintain their conventional languages and religions. Numerous also continue traditional livelihoods centered on hand crafts and agriculture.

In lots of ways, the Maya are particularly much like the Japanese. Many people are friendly enough to foreigner tourists but often prefer to keep a comfortable distance. More, public shows of thoughts, especially anger, is perceived as weakness and frequently met with smiles and laughs in embarrassment. Harmony in the home and community is just a pillar of everyday life and society. Finally, similar to the Japanese, although a lot of people practice Christianity, the ancient animistic traditions remain strong.

My pal & favorite road merchant


Riding local trucks


The Expats

Lake Atitlan hosts a large expatriate community. Most hail from the USA but you can find many from around European countries too, most notably Norway. These expats range from senior snow wild birds and all year round business owners to people offering jewelry and tourists who got stuck and became property owners.

During our trip, we’ll fulfill a lot of these expats, learn their particular stories, and see new lease of life paths.

Mike from ny & who owns the Crossroads Cafe


Joseph & the gang chanting within Tzununa Ashram


Joseph & I using the boat straight back


Guatemalan/American couple & recycled products musicians


Owner regarding the Volcano Lodge, Gustav from Norway


Brazilian & Uk jewelry makers 


Part time expatriate/Photo Bomber Leif  from ny


Sign Me Personally Up!

If you’re finding unique expertise in an old land with a group of likeminded friends become, We welcome you to definitely join us on our next tour of my personal favorite place in the entire world, Guatemala.

Runaway Tours: Guatemala

Dates: Oct 25 – Nov 3rd
Duration: 10 Days
Destinations: 1) Antigua 2) Panajachel 3) Jaibalito 4) San Pedro
Tour Leader(s): Leif (The Runaway Guide)
Trip Style: 20percent Adventure,  20per cent Party, 25percent Spiritual, 25percent tradition, 10% Swimming/ Hot tubs
Max Group Size: 8 (3 Spots left)
Total cost: 1195$