How Exactly To Piece Together The Lowest Priced Flight

mt-fuji-3-friendsIn March i do want to travel from my hideout right here on Lake Atitlan, all the way back once again to Japan for Runaway Japan 2016.

At first glance, placing Guatemala City to Tokyo Narita on Kayak, Google Flights and Skyscanner provides dismal prospects; 18 to 40 hour routes which can be all over 1000 USD.

For my spending plan and me personally that’s definitely unsatisfactory.

So what do I do?

We duct tape together a crazy collage of various flights that in some way perfectly collide at the edges


1: Don’t Forget Of Piecing Together Routes

There’s nothing that states you can’t purchase a number of one-way flights on different air companies to get towards last location. Actually, it’s how I’ve been traveling all over the world my life.

Because more times than perhaps not, you won’t discover the cheapest journey regarding giant flight the search engines. Despite the fact that they now offer search features such as for instance hacker fares, it’s almost always possible to patch together one thing more affordable. This is especially valid if you’re flying to and from less traveled parts of the world, particularly Central/South America, Africa, and Central Asia.

Trust in your logistical skills, and don’t forget to locate one thing cheaper than what’s promoted.


2: Always Check Budget Airlines

Initial spot to check out whenever piecing together routes is by using spending plan airlines.

Head up to the internet sites of Norwegian Air, Spirit Air, and Air Asia. Together these spending plan airlines link the world’s most readily useful backpacking areas. More importantly, they are doing it on the ultra inexpensive, as well as for that i will be forever indebted.

In the event that you don’t know much about budget airlines, their restrictions, fees, and policies, definitely offer this guide a read, Ultimate Guide To Flying On Budget Airlines.

Coconuts for 2.50$ each!!

Coconuts for 2.50$ each!!

Step Three: Research Popular Routes On Regular Airlines

In the event that you weren’t in a position to patch together one thing decent using budget providers, it is time and energy to consider those big overpriced air companies as an alternative.

Luckily regular air companies usually offer some remarkable deals on popular routes. This usually takes place during the low period when airlines try to fill empty seats.

As an example, Aer Lingus, an Irish flight, sometimes has deals from Boston to Dublin for less than 140$.

Assuming you’re wanting to get from British and Europe to South America, LAN Airlines often has some wicked low fares aswell.

Unfortuitously, it’s difficult to understand which airline to consider and when these discounts will actually happen, this means you’re likely to need to invest the investigation.

DSC01983 2

Step Four: Make Sure Everything Fits Together

Undoubtedly the largest hurdle to piecing together an excellent inexpensive journey is making certain all the routes connect properly.

Check and make sure the trip times and give yourself at least 2 hours between connecting routes. This is especially crucial on longhaul West to East flights, in which you often loose daily in transportation.

Just How Much Is My Flight?

  • Aculpolco >> Tijuana 75$
  • Tijuana >> hillcrest on foot 0$
  • San Diego >> San Francisco by 1 week automobile leasing 127$
  • Bay area >> Seoul 433$
  • Seoul >> Tokyo 100$

Total Price: 735$

Okay, so I’m type of going the good way around but it’s absolutely cheaper! O, and you’re probably wondering the way I teleported to Aculpoco also.


Here’s What I Decided 

Since flying direct from Guatemala To Japan at once is costly, and never to say incredible long, I figured I’d make an adventure from it.

For January & February I decided on working from my hideout on Lake Atitlan.

Then come early March it is time for you head to Meixco. I’m going to take a shuttle or possibly hire a van and drive around San Cristobal, after which to Puerto Escondido in Oaxaca in which I’ll park myself in certain hammock in certain beach part bungalow.

After that I’ll take a bus to Alcopoco, in which I’ll get that 4 hour flight to Tijuana, stroll across the border, hire an automobile, visit my Grandma in Paso Robles, search well for a buddy in Santa Cruz, fly to Korea for a week for eating Kalbi, and lastly arrive in Japan a month down the road April 29th for Runaway Japan 2016!

It just goes to show that when you are flexible, plus or minus several days, weeks as well as months, you may get some low priced flights too, having an extra adventure privately.

Do it now!


The Cost Of Traveling Japan

IMG_4326Japan is the only nation in Asia that governmental experts really label as a western. Or in other words, it’s since costly while they come.

So when a few of my new buddies on Runaway Thailand trip asked me personally to lead an impromptu trip through Japan, I happened to be pretty hesitant.

Heck yea we wanted to go back to mom land and feed rice balls to kittens in pet cafes. I wanted to try out my beautifully crafted route that I had spent days formulating the formal Runaway Japan tour. We also wanted to hangout with my crazy cousins in Kobe and extremely good host family in Yamanashi.

Unfortuitously, we knew i simply couldn’t pay for it.

Luckily, my friends Ali, Watson, & Stephanie wouldn’t I would ike to perhaps not manage it. (Thanks ganstas!)

Before we knew it we had teleported from eating pork pad thai inside our beach bungalow to fish egg filled rice balls in a sky high apartment covered in anime figurines.

osaka apartment in namba on airbnb

Although Japan is expensive, because of super oily filling convenience store fried chicken, shared homes on Airbnb, and this years exemplary exchange rate of 120 yen/ 1USD, we been able to go through the best of Japan for a fairly decent spending plan.

Here’s where we spent nearly all of our money during our 10 time trip of Japan. 

Accommodation: 4000円/34.50$/night

Although Japan has a hostels, at 3500 円/29$/night, they aren’t all that low priced. So we made a decision to hire homes on Airbnb alternatively. Not merely ended up being it the lowest priced option nonetheless it had been undoubtedly the most comfortable and private. If you are new to Airbnb, you can make use of this link to get 20$ Off very first stay.

1)In Osaka we remained during the “One Piece House,” a 2 floor apartment in Namba, one’s heart of Osaka. This place had been massive, covered in One Piece memorabilia and super comfortable. Easily certainly one of the most effective value Airbnb apartment rentals in Japan. Cost: 35$/person/night

2) In Kyoto we remained in a fairly old-fashioned Japanese household. It had 3 spaces and had been located fairly near the famous Kawaramachi street. Unfortunately it rained quite a bit, so we invested nearly all of our time having a sake celebration in tatami (Japanese pad) room. Cost: 50$/person/night

3) Around Mt. Fuji we stayed in a sizable home on Lake Kawaguciko. It had 4 spaces, a view of Fuji-san, and ended up being simply steps from Kawaguchiko station. The dog owner, Shota-kun, ran a dumpling vehicle out of the parking great deal, which mayn’t have been easier for the dumpling loving team. Price: 30$/person/night

4) In Tokyo we stayed in a big dump. It was much further from Shinjuku than promoted. And unlike the appealing photos, this destination had no beds, a mildew filled fridge with no wifi. But hey, you will get everything you buy.  Price: 16$/person/night

tatami space in kyoto japan

Food: 3000円/25$/day

We could have saved significantly by shopping at the supermarket and cooking our personal dishes. But since we only possessed a restricted period of time, we consumed every meal out.

Here’s an idea of the foodstuff we consumed and how much it cost united states:

  • Tuna & Mayo Filled Riceball: 140円/1.17$
  • Sushi Bowl with seared salmon and tuna: 750円/6.25$
  • Bashimi (Raw Horse): 500円/4.17

eating natural horse meat in japan

  • 6 Octopus Balls: 500円/4.17
  • Big Beer: 500円/4.17
  • Ice cream crepe: 500円/4.17

japanese icecream crepe

  • Bowl of cool Soba Noodles: 600円/5$
  • Average full bowl of Ramen: 800円/6.67$
  • Udon: 3oo 円/2.50$

trying houtou soup in yamanashi prefecture japan

  • Conveyer gear sushi dinner average: 1000円/8.34$
  • Mcdonald’s Big Mac Dish: 950円/8$
  • Family Mart Fried Chicken: 160円/1.33


Adventures: 19,000円/160$/ 10 days

Luckily, temples, shrines, museums and parks throughout Japan are very inexpensive if not free. Unfortunately, Karaoke just isn’t.

Here’s some of the highlights through the trip:

  • 1 1/2 hours of Karaoke: 2300  /19$
  • Kiyomizu-dera Temple: 3oo 円/2.50$
  • Mount Fuji ancient pilgrimage climb up to fifth place: 0   /0$
  • one hour Row Boat In Mt. Fuji’s Lake Kawaguchiko: 2000  /16$

row watercraft around mount fuji

  • 2 hours of Hotsprings: 900   /7.50
  • Aki-Matsuri/Fall Festival: 0   /0$


  • Daibutsu Buddha (Big Buddha): 3oo 円/2.50$
  • Mariokart Arcade single game: 2oo 円/1.67$
  • Getting Together With my old host household: 0   /0$


Transport:  26,440円/220$/ 10 days

Japan murdered united states on transport. The Bullet train are priced at us around 100$ together with Tokyo Metro actually added up. Although busses as well as routes are cheaper whenever traveling long distances, they nevertheless aren’t that inexpensive.

Here are all our transportation expenses over 10 days:

  • Coach from Osaka Airport to Namba Station: 1540 円/12.84$
  • Train from Osaka to Kyoto: 1000 円/8.34$
  • Bullet Train from Kyoto to Mishima: 11, 000円/91$

looking during the japanese country side through the screen associated with the bullet train

  • Bus from Mishima to Kawaguchiko: 2,400円/20$
  • Coach from Mt. Fuji fifth station back down to Kawaguchiko: 1500円/12.50$
  • 3 Times Of Tokyo Metro: 3600円/30$

yurikamome line

  • Train from Kawaguchiko to Otsuki: 0   /0$(host parents drove united states)
  • Express train from Otsuki to Shinjuku: 1400円/11.68$
  • Nartia Express to Narita airport: 4000円/33.36$

 plane taking off from osaka kansai airport

How Much Did We Spend?  ( p′︵‵。)

Too much >< (Japanese emoticon to state frustration, humiliation, and basic dissatisfaction)

  • Accommodation: 365$
  • Food: 250$
  • Tasks: 160$
  • Transportation: 220$

Probably somewhere around: 1,000$ or 120,000 円 /person for 10 times. 

We could have consumed cheaper by hitting up more super markets. We’re able to have saved on transport if only we took more busses. We also may have selected cheaper and less spacious AirBnbs.

We surely could have spent not as. But whenever you’re having group, it is simply too very easy to splurge.

Although most of us finished up a little broke, we certainly reached go through the most useful of Japan any way you like.